Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Lovin'!

I know...I have totally turned into that person. You know, the one who blogs every other month and vows they will do better. I'll say it anyway...I'm going to try and do better!

Our summer has been filled with fun! We started out the summer by going to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We met my parents and our family friends, Scott and Tammy Sims. Micah was 10 months at the time so we knew this was going to be a fun, but different kind of vacation! She had never been swimming so I was looking forward to introducing her to some pool fun. Yeah, well...that didn't exactly go as planned. She liked the water for about 5 minutes and then wanted out to crawl around the pool deck! Oh well, next summer should be better, right?! Some things she DID enjoy was guacamole, golf cart rides, crawling around our room (and everywhere for that matter!) and her grandparents. Brett and I always love going back to Cabo every year so, all in all, we had a great vacay!

The rest of our summer has been made up of trips to Texas (visiting friends and family) and selling Fireworks at our Arkansas location. Abilene has been rather *crispy* this summer so they did not allow firework sells this year. Other than road trips and fireworks, we've enjoyed swimming with Micah, cooking out, fellowship with friends and just RELAXING! We head to Texas (again!) at the end of this week for Brett's 10 year reunion. Wow! Until are a few pictures of our Summer Lovin'!

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